Latinas in London

by Isabela Tjalve

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Latin Americans are one of the fastest growing demographics in London. Despite this, there is still very little representation, and by extension, very little knowledge of the community outside of those within it. 

We find a sense of comfort with each other that goes beyond national barriers. Leaving your country or living outside of your ‘motherland’ shapes and challenges one’s concept of home. Leaving means redefining our relationship with our countries. These women have recently moved to England and discuss the different ways that they see their country and culture now that they have left. They reflect upon the newfound understandings of community. They are photographed along with the objects they brought from home that reminds them of their country and provides them a sense of home while they are away.

Isabella Béjar Tjalve is a Danish-Mexican photographer based in Seattle. She recently graduated from the London College of Communication where she studied an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography. Having grown up in various countries, much of her photographic work focuses on themes of third culture, and the personal and generational effects of immigration. 

IG: @izzytjalvephotos



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