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At Latin American House, we are committed to finding new and innovative ways to support the members of our community. While services like our advice drop-ins and informational sessions can be extremely helpful in navigating day-to-day life in the UK as a migrant, we are often limited in how much support we can offer at any given moment. This is why we developed the resources section on our website: to gather all of the best resources, contacts, and helplines available to our users across a range of areas. 

Benefit Factsheets

We understand that navigating the British benefits system as a Spanish-speaking migrant can be difficult – resources are rarely translated, and information is often provided without much context or explanation. This is why we have created four benefit factsheets, designed to guide you step-by-step through some of the system’s most complex processes. Need to apply for Universal Credit? Our Universal Credit factsheet will guide you through every step, with detailed translated instructions. Want to find out how to apply for social housing? Our Social Housing factsheet will explain whether you are eligible and the steps you need to take to contact your council.

Our factsheets are also available as print documents at Latin American House – come by and get your copy!


Our resources page gathers all of the useful links and resources from across our website into one convenient place. This includes resources and helplines for emergency situations such as homelessness and domestic abuse, as well as for other topics such as health and wellbeing and families. 

We work hard to select resources that are tailored to migrants and, where possible, highlight support available in Spanish and/or Portuguese – these will be always be indicated with an asterisk (*). If you are aware of any resource that could be useful to the members of our communities, and which you think should be added to our list, please get in touch with with your recommendation.  

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