Fees & Funding

Government Funded Places

All 3-4 year-olds are entitled to government funding of 15 hours per week, which we will apply for on your behalf. 

30 hours funding is available for working parents (subject to criteria) but you must apply for this yourself. 

For 2 year-olds, 15 hours funding per week is available only for parents on low income, and you will need to apply for this via Camden Borough. All government funding is available for 38 weeks of the year.

Here is a full explanation of funding available, and details on how to apply.

2 year-olds 3-4 year-old
Morning 9-12pm (inc. snacks)
15 hrs funding available subject to criteria.
15 hrs funding for all children
Nursery day 9-3pm
Funding not available
30 hrs funding available for working parents
Afternoon 1-4pm (inc. snacks)
15 hrs funding available subject to criteria
15 hrs funding for all children

Extra Hours Payable

We are open from 8am to 5pm, and for 47 weeks a year. If you require extra hours over your funding allocation, or during school holidays, the following fees apply:

2 year-olds 3-4 year-old
Unfunded Hours
£8 per hour
£7 per hour
Nursery day 9-3pm
£5 per half hour

Nursery Day

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