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Welcome to our Cultural Page, where you can join in many fun activities, access online resources, and find out more about our exciting programme of cultural events. There is something here for everyone, from children to grown-ups, whether you’re interested in music, dance, literature, or food. 

Our cultural offerings would not be possible without the support of our Latin American cultural partners, consisting of artists, musicians, dancers, and more. If you’re interested in collaborating with us on a cultural project, please contact culture@casalatina.org.uk.

Quechua Classes

Learn the living language of the Incas with our free, remote Quechua classes. We offer two levels: Beginners and Level 1, for those who already have a basic knowledge of Quechua. Both levels are designed for Spanish speakers. 

Email culture@casalatina.org.uk to find out more. 

For Children

Check out our “Cuentacuentos Latinoamericanos” series, with original and traditional stories for children of all ages. 

El Dios Sol y la Reina de las Aguas - Ecuatorian Story

La Venganza de la Trenza- by Graciela Montes

La Mamá de la Mamá de Mi Mamá - by Alejandra Schmidt Urzú

Clarita Se Volvio Invisible - by Graciela Montes

Lo Que Ven Los Perros - Mexican Legend

De Verdad que No Podia - by Gabriela Keselman

La Pobre Viejecita - by Rafael Pombo

Latin American cooking

Interested in learning the basics of Latin American cuisine? Here, you can learn how to cook some of our most popular recipes through our online cooking classes. 

Arepas con Reina Pepiada (Venezuela) and Arepa de Queso (Colombia)

Sancocho de Pollo Colombiano

Lomo Saltado (Peru)

Music - Mi canción favorita

Every month, Latin American House asks a Latin American artist in London about their favourite song. Check out all the videos in our “Mi Canción Favorita” series here. 

Ivan Guevara

Angelica Lopez

Fredy Martinez

Jomhs Jaramillo

Jose Miranda

Literature - La Bilirrubina

Every month we look into a Latin American author or book that we’ve been loving. Created in collaboration with our friends at Romancero Books

La Bilirrubina Episode 2 - Camila Fabbri

La Bilirrubina Episode 1