En la Cocina Latina: Alimentación, Rituales y Migración

Date & Time: Wednesday 30th March 2022, 7PM
Location: UK Mexican Arts Society
Delivered in collaboration with: Casa X Exhibition, UK Mexican Arts Society

”En la Cocina Latina: Alimentación, Rituales y Migración” was a conversational session facilitated by Argentinian Anthropologist Cecilia Montero, co-organized with the curatorial team of Casa X Exhibition at UK Mexican Arts Society.

We reflected and discussed food, eating habits, the politics of cooking in Latin America, nutrition as an object of study through history, food in religious rituals, the way recipes travel and evolve with immigrants as part of identity construction and more!

We also ate obleas con dulce de leche & platanitos, why not!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to join the conversation! 

Photos: Natalia Seweryn (gracias Natalia!)

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