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As a community centre, we offer various affordable options for space rental in Kilburn, London. Our spaces have been freshly renovated in 2021, and are available to book for one-off events as well as for regular use in classes, trainings, or even as an office or workspace.

Check out our available spaces below. 


Dimensions: 11m²

Paraguay is our smallest space, ideal for one or two people to use as an office or workspace. 


Dimensions: 16m² & 20

Cuba is subdivided into two spaces, both of which would be well-suited for a class or group. As well as chairs and desks, the space is equipped with a whiteboard and overhead projector. You can choose to rent both spaces together, or just one individually. 

Brasil & Peru

Dimensions: 19 m2

Brasil and Peru are two connected rooms, each 19m2. They can be rented as separate rooms or as one larger space. These rooms would be ideal for a class or workshop, or they can be used as office space. 

Ground floor Hall

Dimensions: 50m2

ground floor hall 1
ground floor hall 2

The Ground Floor Hall is one of our largest spaces. It is ideal for events, workshops, and group meetings, and is fully wheelchair accessible. 

3rd floor Hall

Dimensions: 53m2

3rd floor hall

The bright and airy 3rd Floor Hall is slightly larger than the Ground Floor Hall. Thanks to its open floor plan, it provides a fully unobstructed view for talks, live music, and other performances. 

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Space Rental FAQ

To book a space with us, please fill out este formulario. We will be in touch shortly after to arrange a visit and discuss your needs.

Prices for room rental start at £23 per hour. That said, this will always depend on the space you rent as well as the regularity of your bookings. For instance, we will often offer lowered rates to people who can commit to renting a given space on a regular basis.


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