“Ándate al páramo”: Discriminación y racismo en Twitter

Date & Time: Tuesday 3rd May, 6:30 PM
Location: Online via Zoom
Delivered in collaboration with: Birbeck, University of London

This presentation focused on a study conducted by Maria Elena Placencia on the discriminatory and racist treatment received by three Ecuadorian indigenous leaders on Twitter in response to their tweets in the days before and after the second round of the presidential elections in April 2021.

It addressed the issue from a linguistic perspective, taking into account the sociohistorical context of discrimination against indigenous people in Ecuador, and presented it as an example of the discrimination that ethnic minorities suffer in Latin America and in other parts of the world.

‘Andate al Páramo’ in the title of the presentation illustrates precisely one of the verbal mechanisms that appear in the verified data through which indigenous people are excluded, ascribing negative identities to them, (re) creating and reinforcing stereotypes and a racist ideology, which it is amplified in virtual social networks such as Twitter. In this case, the excluding message that is communicated with “Go to the páramo” is that the indigenous people do not belong in the city / in civic life and that they must return to their supposed place of origin: the páramo, high up in the Ecuatorian Andes. 

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