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Immigration Advice & Casework

Latin American House’s Immigration Advice Service is designed to support vulnerable Latin American migrants in the UK which require help with matters including, but not limited to British citizenship, asylum seeking, and deportation.

This service is free and designed to prioritise the most vulnerable members of our community.

Immigration FAQ

To request advice for an immigration issue, you can email immigration@casalatina.org.uk.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not taking requests for face-to-face appointments. 

We have a dedicated advice service to support people through the EU Settlement Scheme – please visit our EU Settlement Scheme page to find out more. 

A person can claim asylum at the airport or port of entry once they have already entered the UK. To do that the person needs to inform an Immigration Officer of their intention to seek asylum.

When a person claims asylum at the airport or port of entry, they will normally be asked questions about the claim in what is known as “screening interview”. In some occasions the screening interview does not take place on the same day but takes place within five days.

A person who is already in the UK and wishes to claim asylum but did not do it at the airport or port of entry, can still claim asylum. This is done by calling the Asylum Screening Unit on 0300 123 4193 in order to book an appointment for a screening interview. The screening interview will usually be set for between five and 15 days after the claimant made the telephone call.

At the screening interview, the Home Office will take claimants’ “biometric information” (this is fingerprints and photograph) and ask for the person details, how he/she arrived to the UK and to explain briefly the reason why he/she is claiming asylum.

After the screening interview has taken place, asylum claimants or their representatives will receive a letter with the date, time and place of the substantive interview.

It is the interview when claimants need to explain in detail the reason why they cannot go back to their country of origin. They will need to explain what happened to them in the past, where, when etc.

If the claim is accepted, an asylum seeker will generally be granted five years’ refugee status and issued with a Biometric Residence Permit confirming their refugee status and their right to work in the UK. In some ocassions a claimant can be granted other type of permission to stay in the UK such as levae based on human rights

If the asylum claim is refused there is usually a right of appeal and the appeal can usually be pursued from within the UK.

If you have little or no money you may be entitled to free legal advice and you can find legal aid solicitors in the Law Society’s Website. See this https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/en/public/for-public-visitors/common-legal-issues/claiming-asylum

Yes, you may be able to get housing and money to support you and your family while you’re waiting to find out if you’ll be given asylum. Please see here how to claim it https://www.gov.uk/asylum-support

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