A Day at the Nursery

Menchu Nusery is open during the school year, and offers places for the Camden academic terms. We are open from 9am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. Our day at Menchú Nursery is structured as follows:

9am – 12pm – Morning session following the government’s Early Years Framework

12pm – 1pm – Lunch hour / Free play

1pm – 4pm – Afternoon session following the government’s Early Years Framework

All of our staff speak Spanish as a main language, so children will be hearing Spanish on a daily basis.

Our term time calendar can be found here: 2023-24 dates
Nut-Free Nursery
Centro Infantil Menchu has a duty of care to all our children with regard to food allergies and maintaining a nut-free environment at nursery. We have strict procedures in place to reduce the risk of a reaction occurring in a food-allergic child and, to safeguard our entire nursery community, we are a nut-free setting.
We ask that all stakeholders to the nursery strictly follow the terms of our Healthy Eating Policy to ensure that nuts are not brought into the nursery under any circumstances. Please bear in mind that many food products contain nut, so we ask that all parents, volunteers and members of staff ensure they check all ingredients before bringing any food items into the nursery.
Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a safe environment for all our children.
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