Welcome to our Cultural Page! Here you will find information about our Communities & Cultures Programme, access exciting online resources and explore our archive of past events. 

Our Programme aims to empower, celebrate and give visibility to the creativity of the Latin American communities. We establish dialogues about topics that are relevant and open safe spaces to get together, share ideas and build community. 

There is something here for everyone, and everyone is welcome! 

Want to collaborate with us? Check our Collaborate with Us section and contact

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May 2022

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June 2022

We want our Cultures and Communities Programme to reflect the desires and interests of our users. If you are based in London, you can help us do this by answering the below survey (available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese):

Past Events

Check out some of our past events – click on any of the images to see photos, event details, and more information!

Our YouTube Channel

Interested in learning the basics of some Latin American cuisine? Here, you can learn how to cook some popular recipes through our online cooking tutorials. 

Arepas con Reina Pepiada (Venezuela) e Arepa de Queso (Colombia)

Sancocho de Pollo Colombiano

Lomo Saltado (Peru)

Latin American House asked some Latin American artists in London about their favourite song. Check out all the responses in our “Mi Canción Favorita” series here. 

Angelica Lopez

Jomhs Jaramillo

Fredy Martinez

Jose Miranda

Check out our “Cuentacuentos Latinoamericanos” series, with original and traditional stories for children of all ages.

El Dios Sol y la Reina de las Aguas - Historia Equatoriana

La Venganza de la Trenza- por Graciela Montes

Clarita Se Volvió Invisible - por Graciela Montes

La Mamá de la Mamá de Mi Mamá - by Alejandra Schmidt Urzú

De Verdad que No Podia - por Gabriela Keselman

La Pobre Viejecita - por Rafael Pombo

Created in collaboration with our friends from Romancero Books, we dig into a couple of very special Latin American authors that we love. 

La Bilirrubina Episode 2 - Camila Fabbri

La Bilirrubina Episode 1

Collaborate with Us

Do you have an artistic, creative or cultural project you want us to get involved in? We are excited to hear from you! We especially welcome proposals that align with LAH’s values and objectives and that contribute to improving the lives of Latin American people in the UK. 

Send your proposal to Naomi Zaragoza at In order to speed up the response process, make sure you include the following information:

-Name of the project/event.
-Detailed description of the idea/project/event.
-People/organizations/institutions involved (if they are not confirmed yet, please specify it).
-Who is funding the project (If you are not sure yet, please specify it).
-Target audience for the event/project.
-Timeframe. Please specify approximate date(s) for the project/event/idea, and if this is flexible or fixed. 
-In which basis are you inviting LAH to join (partnership, collaboration, co-organizer, etc.). Please specify the needs you expect LAH to contribute with (such as facilities, promotion, volunteers, coordination, content production, etc.) 
-Visual references, portfolio, CV, personal or institutional website, moodboard, etc. (only in case it applies). 

At LAH we reserve the right to consider each proposal on a case to case basis and negotiate our involvement according to our possibilities, resources and calendar. Ideally, please send us your proposal at least 3-4 months before the start of the event or activity to give us time to evaluate it and get back to you. 


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