Space Rental

As a community centre, we offer various affordable options for space rental in Kilburn, London. Our spaces have been freshly renovated in 2021, and are available to book for one-off events as well as for regular use in classes, trainings, or even as an office or workspace.

Check out our available spaces below. 

Space Rental FAQ

Unfortunately, our Wi-Fi is not strong enough to support non-staff use. We will be looking into adding Wi-Fi to our spaces in the future.

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Dimensions: 11m²

Paraguay is our smallest space, ideal for one or two people to use as an office or workspace. 


Dimensions: 16m² & 20

Cuba is subdivided into two spaces, both of which would be well-suited for a class or group. As well as chairs and desks, the space is equipped with a whiteboard and overhead projector. You can choose to rent both spaces together, or just one individually. 

Brasil & Peru

Dimensions: 19 m2

Brasil and Peru are two connected rooms, each 19m2. They can be rented as separate rooms or as one larger space. These rooms would be ideal for a class or workshop, or they can be used as office space. 

Ground floor Hall

Dimensions: 50m2

ground floor hall 1
ground floor hall 2

The Ground Floor Hall is one of our largest spaces. It is ideal for events, workshops, and group meetings, and is fully wheelchair accessible. 

3rd floor Hall

Dimensions: 53m2

3rd floor hall

The bright and airy 3rd Floor Hall is slightly larger than the Ground Floor Hall. Thanks to its open floor plan, it provides a fully unobstructed view for talks, live music, and other performances.